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About Us
This website is a team effort between Shanda and T. Travis Brown.  We recently finished a field guide to stream ecosystems.  I (Travis) am a wildlife biologist, and I specialize in endangered species surveys, stream/wetland work, and biological inventories. My job takes me to a variety of places (primarily in the Midwest and Southeast), and my camera goes everywhere. I feel that the strength of my photography lies in my love for the natural world and a desire to share it with others -- especially those who might be inspired to help protect the wild. Also, as a biologist, I have the ability to find and identify rare species that most people do not even know exist.

Our photography and/or writing have appeared in publications including: 

Pocketguide to Eastern Streams  (Book)
Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine
South Carolina Wildlife Magazine
Wilderness Way Magazine
Snow's Cut Monthly Magazine
Wrightsville Beach Magazine
Louisville Magazine
Montana Naturalist Magazine
Outdoor Indiana Magazine
Animal Tracking Basics (Book-Travis contributed a sub-chapter)
Journal of the Kentucky Academy of Science
Canadian Journal of Zoology

Image Availability
The galleries shown here display some examples of our work.  We are constantly adding new images, but keywording and licensing is a time-consuming process.  We literally have thousands of images that haven't been uploaded yet, so if you are looking for a specific plant, animal, etc. please drop us a line at:                 ttravis.brown@gmail.com

Pricing/How to Buy
This site provides a huge number of options for using our images, ranging from personal prints and posters to editorial and advertising applications.  Just click on the image and click "add to cart" to begin deciding how you want to use an image.

 Please note that, although we have provided editorial pricing for photos based on a fraction of the industry standard provided by Photoshelter, we are aware that these prices exceed what many wildlife/nature magazines can pay.  If you are interested in using our photos please do not let this be a barrier.  We will set up a pricing profile that matches your budget or your magazine's standard rates paid for photos.


Links to Some of Our Work

Pocketguide to Eastern Streams Direct Link to Amazon


 Beauty and the Beach (Wildflowers of Wrightsville Beach).    
Wrightsville Beach Magazine, cover and page 56

Hitchhikers: A Who’s Who of Wrightsville Beach Reptiles and Amphibians.    

 You can also check out Travis' contributions to the blog "Louisville Naturally".